Why You Should Steer Clear of Bottled Alkaline Water

Good HealthAlkaline water is only widely marketed, it is also more readily available. Before grabbing a bottle of alkaline water from the shelves of your local grocery store, do make sure that you are aware of the drawbacks of consuming bottled alkaline water.

What Manufacturers Don’t Tell You about Bottled Alkaline Water

Considering the full-on marketing scheme for alkaline water, it can be quite tempting to go on an ionized water regimen. However, bottled alkaline water is not what it is often advertised to be.

The following are reasons why you should not drink bottled alkaline water:

  1. Plastic bottles are toxic. On top of the controversy surrounding the effectivity of alkaline water, another pressing concern is packaging. Surely, ionized water manufacturers vouch for the purity and effectivity of their products, but it is still important to note that the plastic bottles used for packaging contain certain toxic chemicals that are slowly released into the water, especially when stored in areas with fairly high temperatures. In addition, certain petrochemicals, such as Phthalates, are known to cause cancer. These chemicals also wreak havoc in the body’s endocrine system, thereby disrupting the normal production of hormones.

  2. The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of water is greatly reduced over time. The factor that makes alkaline water beneficial, as forwarded by its advocates, is its ORP which gives it its alkaline and antioxidant properties. The peculiar thing about ORP is that it does not remain constant and, instead, depletes over time. As a matter of fact, the antioxidant property of alkaline water as signified by its ORP (the lower the ORP, the higher the antioxidant property of the water is) lasts for at most 24 hours. The water’s alkaline property (as evidenced by a high pH level) lasts for two weeks at most.

 Will Drinking Alkaline Water from Your Own Water Ionizer Be Any better?

So drinking bottled ionized water will probably do you more harm than good, but how about water ionized using home water ionizers—will such be better? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

In addition to the drawbacks of drinking bottled alkaline water mentioned above, the following should discourage you from trying an ionized water regimen:

  1. There is no actual medical proof that drinking ionized water can reverse a number of degenerative diseases such as cancer and arthritis. The proofs presented by manufacturers are either testimonials of ionized water advocates or non-validated research results.

  2. Advocates of drinking ionized water fail to take into consideration the importance of a certain level of acidity to maintain homeostasis. Acidity is not inherently bad. There is a certain level of acidity that the body must maintain to normally perform its factors. Artificially inducing an alkaline shock may upset the body’s balance and prompt the system to produce more acid than necessary.

Just because alkaline water has become more readily available doesn’t mean it must be availed of.

With the increasing number of health products in the market, it has become more necessary for consumers to be discerning in their health choices.


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Posted on: November 15th, 2014