Want To Have Younger Looking Skin? Drink Alkaline Water!

Lady holding a glass of Alkaline WaterLadies, what do you think is your best beauty weapon? More than the shoes, the wardrobe and the make-up, it is flawless skin that can make your strongest statement.

With radiant, flawless skin, you’d be a head-turner even without trying. No wonder, some women invest in expensive skin regimen to replace dull and dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles with youthful glowing skin. Some are keen on getting the latest anti-ageing treatments to look ten years younger than their actual age.

Others simply have to drink. Yes, drink! If you are drinking finer water, which is alkaline water, then notice what it does to your skin.

What Does Alkaline Water Do To Your Skin?

Considering that water occupies up to 90% of our body space, it’s not hard to imagine what it can do for you to achieve fabulous, radiant skin. Skin is the biggest organ of our body. Drinking up to 10 glasses of water a day helps hydrate skin and make it smooth and elastic. It also moisturises your skin and acts as a protective barrier in preventing loss of fluid.

Now that’s just regular tap water. Imagine what alkaline water can do!

When water is ionised, it does greater wonders to your skin. Ionised water is water that has been processed in two ways: microfiltration and electrolysis. Unlike your regular tap water, alkaline water is filtered and charged with ions.

Those who guzzle alkaline water have seen its many benefits, including having a youthful and glowing skin. What does alkaline water do with your skin? Here are some benefits of ionised water to your skin:

  • Alkaline water has high anti-oxidant properties. As you age, skin cells are dehydrated and are easily damaged. Alkaline water is a powerful anti-oxidant. It fights free radicals that cause pre-mature aging of the skin. Being in liquid form, the anti-oxidants in alkaline water is absorbed quickly by the body. Thus, its benefits to the skin are remarkably seen immediately.

  • Alkaline water cleanses the skin, like it cleanses the whole body. It keeps the skin hydrated and rejuvenated. With regular drinking of alkaline water, your skin’s damaged tissues are easily replaced with new, strong ones that make your skin firm and elastic.

  • Alkaline water keeps your skin clear. The component of alkaline water protects your skin from damages due to exposure to elements like the wind, sun and pollution. It helps neutralise bacteria that causes breakouts in your skin.

Give Your Skin The Best Drink It Deserves, Give Real Alkaline Water

In the pursuit of the finer form of water, many people have devised their own versions of ionisers. But the one that makes the best alkaline water is recognized not only by over half a million people around the globe who have purchased and are now enjoying it, but more importantly, by the Health Ministry of the government of Japan.

RadiRed Alkaline Energised Water System is the product of perpetual research and innovation, pioneered by Japan’s Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka.

If you want to drink genuine alkaline water and reap its benefits for yourself, get RadiRed Alkaline Energised Water System. You can’t go wrong when you choose a product that has been endorsed by a government body, the only one in the world.

So ladies, drink to beautiful skin. Drink alkaline water from RadiRed!

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Posted on: March 8th, 2014