The Process of Making Organic Soap in Singapore

4-ECO01 Natural Floor Soap (With Linseed Oil) Ecover 946mlWith eco-responsible lifestyles becoming prevalent in many countries around the world, it’s no surprise that organic stores are getting more popular in Singapore.

One of the hit products available in organic stores today is organic soap. The interesting question is: how exactly is organic soap in Singapore made?

The different varieties of organic soap in Singapore are created using the “cold press” process. This soap making process is preferred because oils used as primary ingredients of organic soaps are not heated above hundred degrees centigrade. This means that in cold press method, the oils are preserved so that natural oil-rich organic soaps can have better moisturising effects.

It is important to note that oils and ingredients used in the creation of organic soap are 100% natural.

In organic soap making, natural oils are made to undergo cold press method to avoid chemical solvent extraction and thereafter yield a high grade soap product.

Another benefit of using cold press is that it is an eco-friendly soap making method. With cold press, less energy is used when making soaps. Small scale businesses which opt for cold press leave a considerably less carbon imprint as compared to industrial companies which mass produce commercial soap.

Dr. Bronner Organic Soap: Best Organic Soap in Singapore

Majority of organic soap in Singapore are sourced overseas. In fact, only a few companies specialise in production of organic soap.

Organic soap products which are usually imported from abroad are mostly of premium quality and made with the finest, 100% plant based natural ingredients.

One of the most popular organic soap brands imported abroad is Dr. Bronner soap. Due to its excellent skin care performance, Dr. Bronner soap is starting to become a best-selling organic soap in Singapore.  It’s easy to know why.

Unlike any other commercial soaps, this organic soap in Singapore contains no harmful chemicals like dyes, preservatives, synthetic fragrances.

Where possible, only organically grown products are used as ingredients in this soap. This type of organic soap is scented only with essential oils and coloured with plant extracts and organic herbs. The soap base recipe also contains 100% certified natural organic oils.

As outlined in Dr. Bronner’s website, this imported organic soap in Singapore is a product of strict soap making policies. The leading skin care experts of Dr. Bronner’s soap formula team, spearheaded by the Bronner family, worked hard to understand the different properties of natural oils used in their soap recipes. Their conscientious adherence to strict soap making guidelines ensures that every Dr. Bronner organic soap in Singapore delivers the best skin care results for consumers who use them.

This imported organic soap in Singapore also contains no SLS or parabens. When using this particular organic soap, your skin will know the difference. While commercial soap irritates your skin, organic soap will make it feel fresh and moisturised. Contact us today for excellent varieties of organic soap in Singapore!

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Posted on: June 8th, 2014