The Anatomy Of RadiRed Alkaline Water Machine

Naturally Clean WaterWhen it comes to drinking water, you deserve only the safest. Water must be an everyday staple. You can have large amounts of it without the negative side effects. But not all water sources give safe water. For healthy, energised, and fine water, there’s RadiRed Alkaline Water Machine.

Let’s pry open and discover what’s inside a RadiRed technology and find out why it’s the alkaline water machine to bring home today.

Behind RadiRed Alkaline Water Machine Is 40 Years Of Research And Innovation

As a nation, Japan prides itself for having people with the longest life span in Asia. Japanese folks live well into 120 without as much the need for hospital confinements due to crippling diseases. This may be due to a lot of reasons and one of them is drinking safe water from an alkaline water machine.

Japan is the birthplace for RadiRed alkaline water machine. It is here where Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka researched, experimented, invented, and innovated the RadiRed alkaline water machine over 40 years ago.

In 1965, the Japanese government’s Ministry of Health and Welfare endorsed the RadiRed alkaline water machine as a water technology to be exhausted particularly for medical purposes.

Alkaline-ionised water from the machine was proven to help fight gastro-intestinal fermentation, irritable bowel movements, and other stomach upsets caused by an imbalance of ions in the water.

No other alkaline water machine has been given a government recognition and recommendation.

RadiRed Alkaline Water Machine Has Two ISO Certifications

It is the only alkaline water machine that is certified ISO 9001 and 14001. ISO 9000 is a family of standards that pertain to organisation quality management procedures for meeting statutory requirements in the manufacture of a product, and meeting the needs of customers and stakeholders.

Before an alkaline water machine can be awarded ISO 9001 certification, it needs to satisfy a long list of rigorous requirements.

The ISO 14000 family of standards certifies that an organisation’s manufacturing processes and operations do not have a negative effect to the environment.

With RadiRed alkaline water machine bearing the ISO 14000 seal, you are assured that no adverse effect has been made to the environment in the process of manufacturing it. In short, it is the alkaline water machine that cares.

The RadiRed Alkaline Water Machine Has Been Sold To Over Half A Million

If you want to check customer testimonials about the product, it isn’t hard to find one. All over the world, there’s a RadiRed alkaline water machine that has been used, tested, and proven to give finer, healthier water. You will have more confidence making your investment for one.

RadiRed Alkaline Water Machine Gives You Energised Finer Water

Ionised alkaline water cannot possibly see better days. You have water charged with positive ions it is healthier, less the microorganisms, so it is cleaner and finer.

Drink it, mix it with soups and juices, make it part of your everyday life. With RadiRed alkaline water machine, the goodness of water is amplified. After all, we need water to live and survive. So why not have the best alkaline water machine to bring home the goodness of water every day?

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Posted on: March 14th, 2014