The Alkaline Water Craze in Singapore: The Dangers of Ionized Water

alkaline-waterThe alkaline water fad in Singapore is not going away soon, especially now that more people are becoming health buffs.

However, as with any other health craze, we must first identify the effects of alkaline water before consuming it over extended periods of time, especially since there are certain dangers attributed to the consumption of alkaline water. We will discuss these dangers in greater detail below.


Alkaline Water in Singapore: Why Avoid It?

Ionized water might sound promising, but that doesn’t mean that you should immediately jump on the bandwagon. Here are several purported adverse effects of alkaline water that you might want to first consider before shelling out money:

  1. Regular consumption of alkaline water upsets the body’s acid-base balance. Contrary to what advocates of alkaline water might suggest, the human body is a self-regulating mechanism. This means that even without consumption of certain products, the body will be able to maintain its delicate acid-alkaline balance. As a matter of fact, artificially altering this acid-alkaline ratio through the consumption of artificially produced alkaline water can upset the body’s natural state and cause a number of health conditions. For example, drinking ionized water can significantly affect calcium metabolism. The body’s calcium metabolism, when upset, can lead to calcium build-up in the liver and in the gallbladder. Likewise, excess alkalinity can also cause hyperventilation and kidney failure in some cases.

  2. Artificially produced alkaline water commercially available in Singapore and elsewhere is prone to contamination. The very act of using an ionizer increases the concentration of metals in the water, sometimes reaching toxic levels. Basically, this happens through the introduction of anions and removal of cations in the water, thereby increasing the anion fluoride concentration of the water to up to three times of the normal levels in tap water. It must be noted that fluoride, in large amounts, can adversely affect the thyroid gland. Also, ionizing machines are prone to bacteria buildup and, as such, require constant cleaning.

  3. Alkaline water consumption fails to take into consideration the difference in body composition of different individuals. Another reason why one must be of wary of consuming alkaline water despite its popularity in Singapore is the apparent difference in the health requirements and body composition of different people. This physiological difference is not taken into account by advocates of ionized water who pass it off as a one-size-fits-all remedy for all sorts of diseases and ailments. In reality, different people react differently to ionized water and increased levels of alkalinity. While it may help alleviate certain symptoms for some people, it might also cause adverse effects to others (such as those mentioned in point #1).

Alkaline water’s popularity in Singapore and other countries might be attributed to the hype for a miracle, cure-all water.

However, it must be noted that while alkaline water seems effective for some people, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it will be effective for everyone. As such, ionized water is still subjected to debate in the medical community.

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Posted on: October 19th, 2014