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The Health Wonders Of Bonsoy Soymilk

Bonsoy SoymilkSoymilk is a healthy and popular alternative to cow’s milk. Developed by the Chinese in the 18th century, it has been a great beverage not only because it’s delicious to the taste, but also because of its many health benefits. Made from soybeans, most lactose-intolerant adults and children choose soymilk as the healthier alternative. In the ensuing years, The Japanese further improved on the goodness of soymilk by concocting their very own Bonsoy Soymilk. Using bonsoy soybeans, the Japanese came up with a creamy, delicious and nutritious soymilk. Bonsoy soymilk is made from organic beans which are perfectly fermented to bring out a satisfying taste and amazing health benefits. Here forward, soymilk as we know it just got better and healthier!

Bonsoy Soymilk Is Your Shield Against Various Diseases

Can’t tolerate cow’s milk? No worries, you can still enjoy your favourite breakfast cereal with a cold glass of Bonsoy soymilk. It’s your natural soy beverage that’s not only delicious; it also comes with essential nutrients that fight certain types of diseases. Its components have health benefits that boost the immune system and shield the body from harmful toxins. It is a daily nutritious treat for a healthier and stronger body.  (more…)

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Posted on: February 11th, 2014