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The Role of Health Supplements for Cancer in a Cancer Patient’s Life

Coping Better With Health Supplements for Cancer

2-BKCCN Cancer Cured Naturally Nature's Glory 1pcCancer, as highlighted by the Singapore Cancer Society, is a top killing disease in Singapore. One in three Singaporeans dies of cancer, fourteen people die of cancer daily and thirty three people are diagnosed with cancer everyday.

In the Lion City, Singaporeans experience different types of cancer ranging from prostate cancer and liver cancer to thyroid cancer and cervical cancer, with breast cancer being the most prevalent in women and colo-rectum in men.

A person diagnosed with cancer can experience a whole range of emotions, mostly negative ones. When you are diagnosed with cancer, it feels as if your world is crumbling down. You may get angry, frustrated, anxious or worried. Perhaps several questions begin to run through your mind: Am I going to live? How should I get treatment? What treatment should I go for? What should I take to improve my condition? (more…)

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Posted on: August 17th, 2014

Feed Your Body the Nutrition That it Needs With Health Supplements for Cancer

2-HS309 Activated Gingkgo Tablets AL 120tabsBeing diagnosed with cancer is without doubt one of the toughest ordeals a person may ever face. As such, it is quite normal to see a recently diagnosed cancer patient hitting the rock bottom, emotionally.

There is anger. There is denial. There is frustration. All these can roll into a giant mass of negativity and weigh a person down. Under these circumstances, a cancer patient may not be able to sleep or eat. Add in the burdens of undertaking radical treatment, and it’s likely that a person may suffer from nutritional deficiencies.  (more…)

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Posted on: August 11th, 2014