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Stress-Free Ways To Introduce Vegetables & Health Supplements To Your Kid

Two smiling kids mixing salad.Just like most parents, do you need to wrestle with your child so she eats the greens on her plate? Feeding your child vegetables especially in their growing up years will reward her with a foundation of good health which she can depend on later in life. Remove the veggie war from your dinner with these hassle-free ways to introduce vegetables and health supplements to your picky eater!

Mince And Mix Vegetables Into Foods

Like most adults, children eat with their eyes first. If you already know that they do not like the sight of broccoli, mince and mix it into their meat ball when serving spaghetti. You can also layer your lasagna with spinach that easily wilts and blends with the rest of the cheese and béchamel sauce. Your child will enjoy it to the last bite without as much revolt. (more…)

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Posted on: March 20th, 2014

3 Nature’s Glory Health Supplements Your Kids Will Love!

4 happy children lying on the fieldHow much do you love your kids? If you say “to the max!” then giving them the gift of health and nutrition should be your top priority. Here are three Nature’s Glory health supplements to help your kids gain maximum health advantage. What’s more, they will love the taste of it like it’s their favourite snack! 

The Super Food: Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella Growth Factor Health Supplement

Your child may not tolerate the sight of algae on their plate, but they will surely love Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) Extract. From the Yaeyama islands of Japan, Nature’s Glory Yaeyama CGF is a health supplement in Singapore made from the highest chlorophyll-containing algae in the world. (more…)

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Posted on: March 19th, 2014

Take Chlorella Growth Factor For Lesser Common Colds

Happy FamilyA bad cough. A drippy nose. The next thing you know, you are in bed for days. What’s worse, in a matter of days, the rest of the family also have it, including very young children.

Nothing is worse than a virus bringing family members down. For this, you need a strong boost to your body’s ability to heal itself. You need the powerful immune booster Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF.

What Is Chlorella Growth Factor And Why Is It More Potent Than Other Plant-Based Supplements?

Chlorella Growth Factor is the extract from a green freshwater algae, Chlorella, which has been in existence for 2.5 billion years. Chlorella was discovered by a Dutch biologist Beyerinck in the 1890s. But it was only in the 1950s when a Japanese scientist, Dr. Fujimake of the People’s Scientific Research Center in Tokyo, was able to perform a hot water extract of its substance and to successfully test the extract both on animals and humans.  (more…)

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Posted on: February 4th, 2014

How To Introduce Chlorella Into Your Child’s Regular Diet?

Child resting hands in adults handsLet’s face it: children hate greens! You probably remember Milo from Mars Needs Moms who fed his cat a plateful of broccoli to his mom’s absolute consternation. Even when you trained your child to eat veggies when she was still young, as soon as she reaches school age and peer pressure sets in, she will readily reach for the hotdog on stick rather than the salad when presented with a choice.

But greens are very important, so you can’t let your child miss out on them. Thank goodness there’s Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella and CGF Extract – In powder form!

First, what is Chlorella? Is it really good for your children?

What Can Chlorella Do For Your Child?

Chlorella has been around for over 2.5 billion years. A green, freshwater algae, it was discovered in the 1890s by Dutch microbiologist Martinus Beijernick and exploited in the 1950s by Japan’s Dr. Fujimake to make it readily available for human consumption. Scientists found out that Chlorella is a virtual powerhouse of nutrients, containing up to 60% protein, more than what is found in soybean and other vegetables.  Chlorella was also found to be rich in vitamins C, E, and K and the feel-good vitamins “B,” particularly vitamin B12. It’s extracted form, the Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF, helps regenerate and repair cells, thus Chlorella supplement is good for children in the growth gap years and helps stall aging in adults, apart from protecting both adults and young children from a host of illnesses.  (more…)

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Posted on: February 3rd, 2014

How Does Chlorella Compare To Green And Yellow Vegetables?

Mixed selection of vegetables and fruitsSpinach, pumpkin or squash, carrots are just some of the famous green and yellow vegetables that are not only delicious, but also highly nutritious. But there’s another plant that should be part of your daily diet as much as these vegetables are. And if you are planning to whip up something healthy and delicious for your family dinner tonight, toss in some chlorella – and level up the nutrition three to four times more!

You read that right—Chlorella, the unicellular green fresh water algae. While you can’t go to the fresh produce or seafood market looking for chlorella, you can easily get this power food from Nature’s Glory.

What Is Chlorella And How Nutritious Is It?

Chlorella is a highly attractive food source because it is power-packed with nutrients. When dried, it is about 45% protein, 20% fat, 20% carbohydrate, 10% minerals and vitamins, and 5% fibre. It is one of the widely studied foods in the world, with many institutions like Carnegie Institution, Rockefeller Foundation, the NIH, UC Berkeley, and the Atomic Energy Commission among those who further study it in the United States, and with the Japanese government not ceasing the study on its exploit and use since the 1950s.

Among many producers, the Yaeyama chlorella, cultivated and harvested in the Ishigaki islands of Japan, is considered among the purest and most potent. Yaeyama is a pristine island in Japan teeming with marine life and coral reefs. The mineral-rich coral reef waters, the clean environment, and unobstructed source of sun makes the Yaeyama chlorella among the best produced in the world.  (more…)

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Posted on: February 2nd, 2014

How Much Chlorella Are You Actually Getting?

Nature's Glory Chlorella Powder (Ultra-Fine)It is a known fact that Chlorella, a green freshwater algae, and its extract, CGF, are potent food supplements that aid in boosting the body’s immune system. With so many different options for food supplements that contain Chlorella, how do you know if you are getting the most content?

Read The Label Of Your Chlorella-Containing Food Supplement

Does your supplement have drops of chlorella, or is it pure?

Not all food supplements are the same in terms of content and price. You need to read the label to know that you are indeed getting the full nutrient that your body needs.

We emphasize that some vitamins only have drops of Chlorella, but because this power food is widely proven to help build cells, boost the immune system, promote growth, and even protect from a variety of illnesses, these food supplements companies harp on the Chlorella even if their brand contains only drops of it. (more…)

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Posted on: February 1st, 2014

Want Clear Skin? Try Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) Extract

Nature's Glory CGF Liquid Tablets ( 4-HS71-5)Do you ever wonder why babies and children have soft, blemish-free skin, and why adults have rough, wrinkled skin? No matter what you do, despite the hundreds of dollars you spend on beauty and skincare products, nothing seems to work in terms of turning back years and reviving your youthful and radiant skin. How you wish you could have skin as soft as baby’s even when you’re 35!

The good news is that the fountain of youth and beauty is now available for you. And surprisingly, it doesn’t come from the Beauty and Skincare Department. It’s called Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella CGF Extract.

How CGF Gives Your Skin A Beautiful Glow

You’re more likely to associate CGF to immunity building or growth boosting food supplement or vitamin especially for children who usually take it during their growth gap years. This is because Chlorella, which is the green, fresh water algae from which CGF is extracted, has been scientifically proven to contain high amounts of nutrients that build tissue and repair and regenerate cells. Apart from this, Chlorella, particularly the Yaeyama Chlorella from which Nature’s Glory’s Chlorella and CGF extract is sourced, contains the highest amount of alkaline Chlorophyll.

Why is alkaline important, you ask? (more…)

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Posted on: January 26th, 2014

Give Your Child The Purest CGF Extract For His Growth And Immunity


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If you are like many mums out there who are zealous and vigilant about your child’s growth and health, then you most probably have encountered Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF.

Food supplements and vitamins that promise a boost in your child’s immune system are ubiquitous. Walk into a 7-11 and you will see them on the shelves, even endorsed as an add-on item on your way to the checkout counter along with chewing gum or that glossy magazine. Many of these off-the-shelf food supplements and vitamins would claim to contain CGF. But if you understand CGF in its pure form, you would have an idea why it is special, unlike what is present in widely retailed food supplement and vitamin brands.

How is Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella and CGF Extract different? (more…)

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Posted on: January 24th, 2014