The Rise of the True Soap: The Story of Dr. Bronner Soap

Dr Bronner LegacyDr. Bronner Soap is perhaps one of the most interesting items in organic stores today. With its vibrantly coloured, text-heavy labels which contain interesting quotes from renowned individuals like Jesus, Einstein and George Washington, it’s not easy to ignore the soap product line of Dr. Bronner. On top of this is the fact that the soap product has garnered a lot of positive reviews from other organic advocates from around the world.

The hype surrounding Dr. Bronner Soap continues today. This article explores the evolution of the brand, and how this organic soap has become the face of one “true soap”.

History of Dr. Bronner Soap

Dr. Bronner’s natural soap is a product of years of dedication, hardwork and unconventional thinking, thanks to the Bronner Family, a Jewish family which started the incredible story of the Dr. Bronner brand in 1858.

Emanuel Bronner, a man whose passion centred on achieving world peace, immigrated to United States in fear of the Nazis in Germany. In the United States, Emanuel held lectures advocating peaceful living. In those lectures, he gave out bottles of peppermint soap to the crowd. After sometime, he realised that people were showing up at his lectures not to listen to him but for the soap so he came up with the idea of selling soap. Hence, the sale of Dr. Bronner Soap began.

Dr. Bronner soap has now been around for a lot of years. Despite its non-mainstream identity, this so-called magic soap has successfully conquered markets, with its consumer followers growing from small scale to largely international scale. Having grown more than 1,000 percent over the last 12 years, the brand of Dr. Bronner soap has been heralded as one of the top-selling organic soap brands (liquid soap and bar soap) in North America. In 2011 alone, Dr. Bronner soap notched over 44 million dollars in sales. Currently managed by David Bronner and his brother Michael, Dr. Bronner soap is set to grow into a more successfully recognised brand and a pioneer of sustainable business.

The Many Uses of Dr. Bronner Soap

Dr. Bronner Soap can be used in 18 different ways. Listed here are two most common uses of this magic soap.

Face/Body Wash

Dr. Bronner soap is an all natural organic soap. It is made with coconut, hemp and jojoba oil, hence it produces a mild lather that is perfect for sensitive skin. It is concentrated so you can dilute it with water. Whether it’s for your face or body, remember that Dr. Bronner soap is gentle enough to be used by people with sensitive skin conditions and allergies. It can also be used for bathing babies.


Dr. Bronner soap can also be used as shampoo just as it used as a body or facial wash. Tea tee soap from Dr. Bronner’s is ideal for those with scalp issues. For best results, small quantities (not diluted) must be lathered onto hair.

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Posted on: June 18th, 2014