The Different Methods of Producing Alkaline Water

Water With LimeDue to the popularity of drinking alkaline water, several ways of producing them have been devised by manufacturers and researchers alike.

These methods of producing alkaline water can be classified into two main categories, namely: 1) through the use of water additives and 2) through the use of ionizing machines.

Under these two classifications, there are several more specific methods of alkalinizing water. | Read More

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Posted on: September 18th, 2014

What You Have to Know about Artificial Alkaline Water

Glass of WaterDespite alkaline water’s apparent popularity nowadays, a lot of people remain baffled by the truths and myths surrounding the famed healthier type of water.

Given alkaline water’s popularity, there arises a need to make certain clarifications as to its effects and characteristics. One such important clarification that has to be made is this: water can be naturally or artificially alkaline. | Read More

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Posted on: September 15th, 2014

The Alternative to Alkaline Water

Dr Kokichi HanaokaDevelopments and innovations in terms of technology, medicine, and health care have sparked an interest in making everyday products and basic needs more health-friendly.

True enough, more people are opting for healthier food—from free-range poultry and pesticide-free vegetables to alkaline water and, more recently, HiFloAM water.

Alkaline water has gained popularity not only in Japan (where it originated) but all over the world.

With free radicals gaining notoriety not only within academic and medical circles but also among health-conscious individuals, it is of little wonder why alkaline water was embraced by many. | Read More

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Posted on: September 12th, 2014

Alkaline Water: Quick Facts

waterIonized water, more popularly known as alkaline water, has been the talk of the town in recent years. Believed by many to carry a wide array of health benefits, many people have tried alkaline water.

However, feedback as regards  to its affectivity varies greatly among different people and members of the health community.

The Alkaline Water Hype: Benefits

There really is no consensus as to the effects and benefits of drinking alkaline water. While health experts have been firm in their stand that the benefits of alkaline water have yet to be proven, people have reported a variety of health benefits. | Read More

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Posted on: September 8th, 2014

See a Healthier, Sexier You by using Health Supplements for Weight Loss

2-HS309 Activated Gingkgo Tablets AL 120tabsYou want a new beginning. You look at yourself in the mirror, and notice how many years of unhealthy living have changed who you are – not just physically, but also emotionally.

You try desperately to look for an answer to the questions: how did I become overweight? Why did I let myself become obese? Why have I allowed myself to get fat? 

Sadly, the answers to these can be varied. It can start with lots of unhealthy food intake. It may also be due to lack of exercise. After carefully recalling (regretting) what you have done in the past, you decide to do something to turn things around.

Interestingly, you’re not alone in your battle to bring this ‘unhealthy version of you’ back in tip top shape. There are many who are fighting their way through obesity. More people are trying to find ways on how to lose weight.

Recently, the experts are offering a new solution: health supplements for weight loss. | Read More

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Posted on: August 27th, 2014

Boost Your Immune Responses Using Health Supplements for Immune System

1-NEB30 Nano Energy Boosters Immune Boost Line Nature's Glory 10patchesHealth Supplements for Immune System: How Your Immune System Works

A person’s immune system comprises a populous army of white blood cells. The wonderful protection granted by the immune system keeps the body protected against viruses, microbial agents, bacteria and other toxins that bring nasty infections and make you ill.

When the body suffers from an invasion of these microbes, the immune system fights the assault by releasing a more powerful line of defender cells.

Normally, the immune system effectively performs its ‘guardian/protective barrier’ role. Sometimes, however, it fails to shield the body from the invasion of the unwanted microbes.

And when it does, as when disease-causing microorganisms invade your body and make you feel sick, the health of your immune system may be put into question.

You may ask, ‘Is there a way to possibly boost my immune system?’ ‘Are there specific health supplements I must take to help my body acquire improved immune responses?’ | Read More

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Posted on: August 24th, 2014

Why More People are Taking Health Supplements for Diabetes

2-HS25-2 Natura 201 American Nutriceuticals 120capsDiabetes mellitus refers to groups of chronic diseases affecting metabolism. It is a disease often associated with how the body breaks down “blood glucose” for body growth and energy consumption.

Blood sugar is essential to your health because it is a vital source of energy. It serves as the energy source of cells that grow muscles and tissues. It is also the primary source of fuel for your brain.

When a person has diabetes, there must be higher levels of glucose in the blood. When there’s too much glucose, a person may be exposed to serious health risks which require thorough medical attention.

 Hoping to keep their health condition in great shape, most diabetics want to use health supplements for diabetes.

While it has been argued that most health supplements for diabetes are not guaranteed to be effective at all times, there are still a lot of diabetics who desire to reap the alleged benefits of these dietary supplements.

Studies revealed that individuals with diabetes are more likely to take health supplements for diabetes than people without diabetes.

The National Health’s Interview Survey in the US even discovered that twenty two (22) percent of diabetics surveyed relied in some type of herbal therapy, while another study revealed that thirty one percent used different health supplements for diabetes.

Similarly, it was found that ethnic groups such as Native Americans and Asians were big users of health supplements. | Read More

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Posted on: August 20th, 2014

The Role of Health Supplements for Cancer in a Cancer Patient’s Life

Coping Better With Health Supplements for Cancer

2-BKCCN Cancer Cured Naturally Nature's Glory 1pcCancer, as highlighted by the Singapore Cancer Society, is a top killing disease in Singapore. One in three Singaporeans dies of cancer, fourteen people die of cancer daily and thirty three people are diagnosed with cancer everyday.

In the Lion City, Singaporeans experience different types of cancer ranging from prostate cancer and liver cancer to thyroid cancer and cervical cancer, with breast cancer being the most prevalent in women and colo-rectum in men.

A person diagnosed with cancer can experience a whole range of emotions, mostly negative ones. When you are diagnosed with cancer, it feels as if your world is crumbling down. You may get angry, frustrated, anxious or worried. Perhaps several questions begin to run through your mind: Am I going to live? How should I get treatment? What treatment should I go for? What should I take to improve my condition? | Read More

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Posted on: August 17th, 2014

The Anti Aging Effect: The Beauty of Using Health Supplements for Anti-aging

2-HS251-1 Living Multi Women's Garden of Life 180capsAt some point in a person’s life, gray hair and wrinkles become obvious, as if to signal the inevitable – the graceful ageing of a person. The normal ageing process can be quite overwhelming to an individual, especially with the body changes that occur.

When a person ages, his bones begin to shrink. Bones become smaller, weaker and therefore more prone to fractures. Coordination and balance can be a slight issue with the bones losing much of its flexibility, length and strength.  | Read More

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Posted on: August 14th, 2014

Feed Your Body the Nutrition That it Needs With Health Supplements for Cancer

2-HS309 Activated Gingkgo Tablets AL 120tabsBeing diagnosed with cancer is without doubt one of the toughest ordeals a person may ever face. As such, it is quite normal to see a recently diagnosed cancer patient hitting the rock bottom, emotionally.

There is anger. There is denial. There is frustration. All these can roll into a giant mass of negativity and weigh a person down. Under these circumstances, a cancer patient may not be able to sleep or eat. Add in the burdens of undertaking radical treatment, and it’s likely that a person may suffer from nutritional deficiencies.  | Read More

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Posted on: August 11th, 2014