Busting the Alkaline Water Myth

waterfallAlkaline water has been lauded for a wide range of purported health benefits. Not surprisingly, its popularity has attracted the attention (and, consequently, the scrutiny) of chemists, researchers, medical practitioners, and other health professionals.

Thus, the question that begs to be answered now is this: is alkaline water really safe and effective?

The proponents of advocates of alkaline water claim that it has a variety of health benefits, including but not limited to 1) slowing down cell aging, 2) neutralizing acid in the bloodstream, and 3) reducing damage caused by free radicals.

While these claims sound promising, it is important to note that these claims are being heavily contested at present. | Read More

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Posted on: October 26th, 2014

What You Should Know About Alkaline Water Systems

water bubblesAlkaline water is all the hype nowadays. Truth be told, different brands of ionized water and alkaline water systems are readily available in the market.

But before jumping on the alkaline water bandwagon, it is necessary that you apprise yourself of the most popular alkaline water systems, how they work, and how they can affect your health. | Read More

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Posted on: October 22nd, 2014

The Alkaline Water Craze in Singapore: The Dangers of Ionized Water

alkaline-waterThe alkaline water fad in Singapore is not going away soon, especially now that more people are becoming health buffs.

However, as with any other health craze, we must first identify the effects of alkaline water before consuming it over extended periods of time, especially since there are certain dangers attributed to the consumption of alkaline water. We will discuss these dangers in greater detail below. | Read More

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Posted on: October 19th, 2014

Artificial Alkaline Water in Singapore: More Effective Alternatives

water splashingAlong with alkaline water’s popularity in Singapore and elsewhere came the onslaught of doubts and criticism as to its health benefits.

Not surprisingly, healthier and more effective substitutes to alkaline water has been discovered and marketed in recent years. Two of these alternatives will be discussed in this article. | Read More

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Posted on: October 16th, 2014

Alkaline Water in Singapore: Common Claims

water pouring into waterAlkaline water’s popularity in Singapore and elsewhere can be attributed to a number of different factors, including certain misconceptions and, at times, exaggerations.

To better understand the effects and benefits of drinking alkaline water, a crucial question must be asked: is ionized water actually better than regular drinking water? | Read More

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Posted on: October 12th, 2014

Alkaline Water in Singapore: What Makes Ionized Water Different?

Bubbles and WavesAs with other economically and technologically advanced countries, alkaline water is causing a stir in Singapore nowadays. But what really differentiates artificially produced ionized water from other types of alkaline water, and why is there a need to alkalinize?

This article will answer these two important questions to help you decide whether or not you should give alkaline water a try.


| Read More

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Posted on: October 9th, 2014

Alkaline Water in Singapore: Quick Facts

WaterAlong with technological and economic progress comes growing health awareness among people in Singapore. Due to the importance accorded to health in Singapore nowadays, alkaline water’s growing popularity since its introduction to the country in 1988 is of little surprise.

Despite its popularity, the effects of drinking alkaline water remains subjected to considerable debate among consumers and health professionals alike. | Read More

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Posted on: October 6th, 2014

Why HiFloAM Water is Better Than Alkaline Water?

HiFloAM Water SystemIf you search on the Internet for alkaline water, you’ll find that manufacturers claim that alkaline has “healing” properties” and it will fight cancer, boost the immune system, and make you physically stronger and so on. But is there any truth to these claims?

Based on Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka’s findings, who spent over forty years researching on water, it turns out that there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding alkaline water. | Read More

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Posted on: September 29th, 2014

Everything You Have to Know About Alkaline and HiFloAM Water

Better Blood FlowFree radicals have been the talk of the town for several years now. As free radicals are linked to over 90% of diseases and rapid aging, drug companies, healthcare units, and research facilities have devoted considerable time and resources to combat these health hazards.

Fortunately, these highly-reactive substances (which are caused by a number of different factors including stress and pathogens) are removed by superoxide dismutes (also known as SOD), an enzyme naturally-produced by the body. Unfortunately, SOD production decreases and slows down with age.

Considering the circumstances above, researchers were prompted to devise ways to combat free radicals, thereby paving the way for the development of electrolyzed alkaline water. | Read More

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Posted on: September 25th, 2014

A How-to Guide For Making Alkaline Water at Home

pH StripThe alkaline water hype might be dying down, but it doesn’t seem to be going away soon. After all, the prospect of alkaline water, especially with its wide array of alleged health benefits (i.e. boosts metabolism, helps the body absorb nutrients, and reduces acid in the bloodstream), remains appealing to health-conscious consumers.

If you have never tried drinking alkaline water, but is curious about its medical properties, you might want to consider “alkalizing” your water. Here are some easy steps you could follow to make alkaline water on a budget: | Read More

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Posted on: September 22nd, 2014