No Better Way To Make Baby Food Than The Blendtec Blender Way

Feeding BabySix months after nursing your baby with your own milk, now comes the need to complement breastmilk with solid foods. What better way to feed your baby than to make your own baby food at home. And what better way to do this than the easy-to-use and easy-to-clean Blendtec Blender!

While parents have their own styles for feeding their babies, most paediatricians encourage feeding babies with natural and whole baby food. Pureed potatoes, carrots, green beans, and mashed fruits are excellent starters.

Certainly, the convenience of ready-to-eat baby foods that come from the supermarket may be hard to turn down, especially because feeding your baby is already a huge task by itself, so why complicate things further by making your own baby food?

As they say, you can’t put a price tag on good health especially for your little one.

So here’s the good news: making your own baby food at home has never been easier. Thanks to Blendtec Blender. Follow these three easy and smart steps and you will never have to set your eyes on a ready-to-eat baby food again!

Smart Idea #1: Set Aside One Day During The Week To Bring Out Your Blendtec Blender, And Blend All The Way!

Here’s a confession from an inexperienced mum: she blended baby food on demand! That meant, bringing out her blender 5-6 times a day to make food whenever her baby is hungry, and thereafter, cleaning the blender 5-6 times a day as well! You guessed it right – it was a total hassle.

To keep things simple, try this smart technique: Schedule making your baby food as a once-a-week activity!

This means planning ahead what you’d like baby to have for the entire week, boiling or steaming the vegetables, and getting them into the blender one whole batch after another.

For example, if you have green beans, potatoes, and carrots in the menu for the week, get them all ready for the blender either by steaming or boiling, and blend all that you plan to feed baby for the week. Yes, ALL!

By doing this, you need only to rinse the blender jar once instead of painstakingly rinsing and cleaning it 5-6 times the way that newbie mum did it!

Smart Idea# 2: Empty The Pureed Vegetables From Your Blendtec Blender Jar Onto An Ice Cube Tray

You guessed it right – freeze your baby food! This is the way it will be unspoilt and good for consumption the whole week!

Instead of blending on demand, you blend one time and freeze everything, then heat your baby food on demand!

One ice cube of baby food is approximately one ounce. So depending on how much your baby is able to consume, you can heat one to two ice cubes of baby food per meal time. That is how easy it is!

Smart Idea #3: Put Your Frozen Baby Food Into A Zip Bag And Allow The Zip Bag To Sit On Warm Water To Reheat

You can opt to feed your baby from the zip bag itself or transfer the baby food onto her colourful plate. Either way works!

Remember to only heat enough food your baby is able to eat per meal time to avoid wastage.

 There you have it – a smart way to make baby food using your Blendtec Blender.

And because Blendtec Blender has an ultra powerful motor that rotates the blade very fast, this means getting things done faster as well. You can be done with your baby food preparation even before your baby wakes up from her short nap.

And speaking of nap time, Blendtec Blender has been engineered to reduce noise. Given this, you can in fact blend your baby’s food while she is napping without worrying about startling her.

Homemade baby food is not only healthy for your baby, it’s also light on your budget compared to buying ready-to-eat baby foods in the supermarket. For all the wealth of benefits – and with your Blendtec Blender at your side – reaping these benefits is now possible. So go ahead, start making your own baby food today!

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Posted on: January 15th, 2014