Is Drinking Alkaline Water is bad for you?

Drinking waterWith the constant pursuit for good health and quality health products, the continuous stream of varying health crazes is no longer surprising. One particular health craze that has been the talk of the town in the last couple of years is alkaline water. But unlike most health hypes, the issues and arguments surrounding the effectivity and health effects of alkaline water have intensified rather than died down over the years.


Alkaline Water: Expert Opinion

Despite the all-out marketing campaign for ionized water, health practitioners are still presenting arguments against the intake and effectiveness of alkaline water, completely controverting the testimonies of some users of the aforementioned product in the process.

This apparent disagreement between professionals and consumers can be partly attributed to the variation of the effects of alkaline water depending on the person and the person’s present health condition.

In addition, it must be noted that a number of studies have shown that consumption of alkaline water, especially in large doses, may actually be detrimental to health.

Bad Effects of Alkaline Water

While alkaline water might be beneficial to some, its potential health dangers are things that must not be dispensed with. Before joining the ionized water bandwagon, apprise yourself of the following risks:

  1. Calcium metabolism can be greatly affected. The human body has a specific, and rather sensitive, acid-alkaline balance, and interfering/tampering with such may give rise to a variety of health issues. High acidity may hamper calcium formation, but high alkalinity may lead to an excess in calcium supplementation. Although calcium aids in the development of strong bones and teeth, uncontrolled production of such may lead to formation of calcium deposits in places other than the bones. Depending on an individual’s biochemistry, calcium may be deposited in the liver and form gallstones, or be deposited in the coronary artery system and cause arteriosclerosis.

  2. The body may suffer a sudden alkaline shock. Alkaline shock, in itself, is not bad. As a matter of fact, professionals would often induce alkaline shock when treating cancer as it prompts the body to be acidic (the immune system functions better when the body is slightly acidic, and the pathogenicity of cancer cells is reduced when the body is more alkaline). However, the problem with excessive intake of alkaline water is that it often leaves the body in a state of high alkalinity. Without professional medical assistance, the body often has difficulty in returning to a state of acidity, thereby upsetting the acid-alkaline balance. It is also worth noting that an extreme alkaline shock may give rise to a number of problems, such as weakness and extreme dehydration. Contrary to what manufacturers might claim, alkaline water does not actually hydrate well.

 It might be tempting to try consuming alkaline water considering all the hype about it.

However, the results of tests and researches should prompt you to examine the effects of ionized water before actually resorting to an ionized water treatment, especially when conducted sans the supervision of a health professional.

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Posted on: November 11th, 2014