Ideal Qualities of the Best Blender

Tom Dickson Extreme BlenderLooking for the best blender brand can be an arduous, not to mention, time-consuming task. The blender market is literally packed with many different models and brands that it has become extremely difficult to determine which one is the best blender.

When shopping for the best blender, it’s crucial to know and list down the features you want in a blender. Knowing these key traits will help you to easily shortlist the blenders in the market which can respond to your food preparation needs most effectively.

If you want to simplify the best blender hunt, look for these following qualities:

1. Multi-functional

The best blender is known to have a high performance. Such appliance should have innovative features (think of high powered motors, steel blades and timers) that make it stand out from other blender brands and help you with accomplish whatever task you have in mind easily.

Whether you’re out to make great smoothies, grind beans and grains or crush ice, you should opt for a unit that performs up to par.

2. Powerful Motor

The best blender has a powerful motor to make perfect smoothies and crush ice easily. Ideally, the best blender must have a range of two to three horse power to deliver a high speed performance.

Top of the line blenders with high speed and power have longer warranties and usually last longer for years. A good understanding of “peak” and “wattage” is essential in finding the best blender.

Blendtec, one of the best blender in the market today, is built with a powerful motor capable of blending hard ingredients and crushing ice.

3. Spacious Jar

Blender containers are usually called jars or jugs. In order to accommodate large quantities of produce and ingredients, the best blender must have a large, spacious jar.

Most blender jars today are built with high impact plastic material that is light weight and durable.

Blendtec blender comes in BPA-free, square shaped containers which are large and spacious enough but can still fit into typical kitchen cupboards.

4. Quality Blades

Blender brands offer two types of blades. Wet blades are for blending wet ingredients and liquids or making smoothies. Dry blades, on the other hand, are for mixing dough and grinding grains.

The best blender must have a multi-functional blade that can handle both liquid and dry ingredients. Blendtec blender has a 2-blade configuration which come in three to four inches wide.

Blendtec’s blender blade can easily chop and emulsify organic produce like vegetables and fruits.

5. Warranty

Before, kitchen appliances came only with 1-year warranty. These days, with the rise of new kitchen technologies and improved gadget designs, warranties have drastically increased.

Now, kitchen equipment may come with a three to seven year warranty, depending on the brand. The best blender comes with a lengthy warranty. In fact, Blendtec blenders always come with a full coverage of seven year warranty.

We can tell you more about the product features of the best blender brand, Blendtec! If you want to order a Blendtec blender today, contact Nature’s Glory representatives now!

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Posted on: July 25th, 2014