How Do Super Models Stay Radiant 24/7? Zum Body Lotion Has The Answer!

ModelIf you had the chance to ask beauty queens and super models their one secret to staying gorgeous and beautiful, you’d be surprised that their answer isn’t far-fetched and rocket science – they keep their skin moisturised all the time.

The good news is, beautiful, clear, fresh, and smooth skin isn’t impossible anymore with every bottle of your Zum Body Lotion.

Packing a two-day suitcase for a weekender? Heading to the mall for a movie? Or prepping for a round of your favourite sports game? Wherever the action takes you, there’s one part of your body that should receive proper care from only the best, all-natural moisturising lotion that comes with a zoom to its name – Zum Body! 

Zum Body Lotion is The “Zumba” For Your Skin

When you care for your skin with Zum Body lotion, you feel in tiptop shape the same way your body feels revitalized after a Zumba session!

That’s because Zum Body lotion is packed with natural botanicals that brings back life to your skin again!

Moisturizing shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil are fused with plant-based fragrances extracted from organic herbs and flowers –this is what make Zum Body lotion like food to your skin!

As such, your skin won’t get too much of it. All you get is a clear, smooth, glowing skin that’s healthy enough to protect itself.

The Scents Of Zum Body Lotion – A Treat To Your Senses

Once you open the cap of a Zum Body Lotion, you’d feel as though you are transported to your favourite spa, with all the aromatic scents tickling your senses.

You can choose from Sandalwood-Citrus, Frankincense and Myrrh, Lavender-Lemon, Rosemary-Mint, or Patchouli. Not only are the fragrances carefully picked and matched, they also last long. It’s the kind of fragrance the person sitting next to you wouldn’t mind. It’s the kind of fragrance that will make people look forward to having you around.

The different fragrances also set the mood right for the different activities you’re up to. If you want to have a sound sleep after a tiring day, lavish in lavender! If you want to perk up the day and shoo the blues away, get zesty with citrus! 

Here’s A Little Secret: Zum Body Lotion Is the Coolest Thing To Have In your Bag

Not only does Zum Body lotion do an excellent job taking care of your skin and treating you to wonderful fragrances, it’s also the best thing to pack with you everywhere you go.

Each bottle bears the light and bubbly, vibrant and lively colours that are a signature of this oh-so-good lotion brand.

Wanting to impress your gal pals during a sleep over? Or want to show your guy you know just the perfect way to stay pretty and chic? Toss the Zum Body lotion into your beach bag, tote, or grab bag and you’ll be the girl everybody would want to emulate— classy, smart, fashionable, and well turned-out.

So go ahead, live like a beauty queen or super model. Give your skin a great pampering with Zum Body lotion!

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Posted on: February 8th, 2014