Give Your Child Radired Alkaline Water

Little Girl Drinking WaterIf there’s one thing mums always remind their school-going kids to do, it’s to drink lots of water! Unfortunately, when you’re not looking, your second grader will naturally give in to drinking artificial fruit juices in carton boxes over plain water simply because the juices offer a fruity taste—never mind if it contains chemicals. In their young minds, clear water is boring. Health comes secondary to taste. So how can you make your kid drink more water? Give her alkaline water!

Alkaline Water Drinkers Say It Tastes Better

No, alkaline water isn’t sugar-loaded, nor does it come with the fizzy feeling of soda drinks. So why does it taste better?

Simply because it is smoother to the taste and easy in the mouth and throat!

People who have shifted to drinking alkaline water say they find it difficult to go back to drinking conventional tap water again.

What makes alkaline water taste smoother? 

Alkaline water contains lesser molecules which have a more regular shape. Alkaline water goes through the two-step process of microfiltration and electrolysis. During microfiltration, regular tap water is filtered of microorganisms and impurities to make it safe for drinking. After the process of purification, regular tap water then undergoes electrolysis, where a direct current charge is introduced into the water to release hydrogen ions, which in the process changes its molecular count and structure. Thus, alkaline water is also known as the finer water.

Take Away The Bloated Tummy Feeling For Drinking Too Much Water

Another possible reason your kid might not like drinking water is because of the bloated tummy feeling she gets when she drinks too much water at one time.

Because alkaline water is the smoother, lighter water, it does not give a bloated feeling. Alkaline water is readily and easily absorbed in the body at the cellular level. There is really no time for the water to store up in the belly, unlike conventional tap water that makes a child feels so bloated she would even spit up water sometimes or have water come out of her nose – a nasty feeling.

Your active school-going child also needs to hydrate fast to supply the energy she needs for playing, running around, and being active. Alkaline water hydrates the body faster than conventional tap water simply because it contains only the healthy components in water.

Introduce Alkaline Water In Soups, Juices, And Other Cooked Meals

Get creative when you introduce alkaline water to your child! Aside from offering alkaline water itself, make juices, soups, and other cooked meals healthier and smoother to the taste by using alkaline water instead of the conventional tap during the preparation.

This will benefit the child’s health without so much the need to convince her to drink up.

Where Can You Find The Best Alkaline Water?

From Nature’s Glory!

Nature’s Glory is the official distributor of the RadiRedWater, Alkaline Water System. It is the only water technology recognized by a government body after the Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare endorsed its use for medical health purposes in 1965.

RadiRedWater Alkaline Water System has sold over 500,000 units globally for the past 40 years.

So if you want the best for your child, don’t just give her alkaline water, give her RadiRedWater. Start today to reap health benefits only possible through alkaline water.

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Posted on: March 6th, 2014