Discover the Magical Wonders of Dr. Bronner Soap

Peppermint Castile Bar Soap - 5 oz.A simple glance at Dr. Bronner Soap and you’ll see why it’s been on the frontline of the organic soap industry. With more than 150 years of soap making experience. Dr. Bronner soap claims to be the magic soap which never substitutes pure, organic essential oils with cheaper soap ingredients that destroy the integrity of true soap.

Thanks to a handful of reviews from skin care experts and organic product advocates, Dr. Bronner Soap has remained true to its reputation of staying all organic, all natural with its soap production process.

Exceptional Skin Care With Dr. Bronner Soap

Every Dr. Bronner’s soap, as its text-filled packages affirm, is made with natural plant derived ingredients, without the use of harmful chemicals that irritate the skin.

Dr. Bronner soap is a highly recommended natural remedy for different skin conditions. Because it is 100% natural, Dr. Bronner soap is suitable for any skin type. As a consumer, all you really have to do is pick the scent you want, and discover which Dr. Bronner soap variety works best for your particular skin type.

Castile Almond Soap for Dry Skin

Chemical-based soaps cause the skin to dry. Worse, it can irritate skin and cause it to crack and itch. Dr. Bronner soap combines organic and pure almond oil, along with virgin coconut oil and jojoba oil to create a powerful moisturising soap that restores skin’s health to an excellent condition. The result is supple, beautifully moisturised skin with reduced wrinkles.

Castile Lavender Soap for Eczema and Acne

Pure castile lavender soap is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-septic components that best work with skin plagued by eczema, skin burns, skin infections and abscess.

Castile Eucalyptus Soap for Blisters and Rashes

Castile eucalyptus soap has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial components that help skin recover from blisters and rashes. It helps cuts heal more quickly. Dr. Bronner soap is ideal for irritating, itchy scalp and its eucalyptus scent is great for sinus problems.

Castile Tea Tree Soap for Infected Skin

Dr. Bronner’s tea tree soap can help individuals afflicted with boils, athlete’s foot, ring worms and dandruff. This soap has effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to combat these irritating skin problems and offer the safest skin protection.

Castile Peppermint Soap for Sensitive Skin

Peppermint oil is an effective astringent which can soothe irritated skin. For maximum pampering similar to that of commercial spas, splash warm water onto your skin with castile peppermint soap.

Why Choose Dr. Bronner Soap as Your Organic Soap

The excellent skin care properties of Dr. Bronner Soap are no accident – these are based on extensive studies involving particular oil combinations that work best for the skin. These experiments have been conducted to create soap and bar recipes that provide a rich, soothing lather that leaves skin clean without drying or being stripped of pure essential oils.

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Posted on: June 21st, 2014