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Do you know that the famous Dr. Bronner liquid castile soap is not only used for washing the body but for cleaning the kitchen as well? The magic of Dr. Bronner soap lets moms and household helpers transform a dirty kitchen into a sparkling, clean one.

A clean kitchen not only promotes health and hygiene to the household members; it also makes cooking and preparing food more pleasant. However, with the many ongoing activities being done in the kitchen, sometimes, it becomes unavoidably messy. With Dr. Bronner soap, you can instantly bring back the cleanliness of your kitchen. This is not to forget that Dr. Bronner soap is non-toxic as well.

Here are some tips in cleaning the kitchen using Dr. Bronner soap.

Cleaning Up the Counter Surfaces

To keep the top of kitchen counters squeaky clean, here are some cleaning tips that you ought to keep in mind.

  • Cotton dishcloths with slightly abrasive weave are best for removing dirt. Use hot water with a few drops of Dr. Bronner liquid soap for wiping your counter tops and other surfaces in the kitchen.
  • For marble countertops, pour 1 tablespoon liquid soap into 1 quart of warm water and stir. Slightly dampen a clean cloth with the solution and wipe the countertop.
  • Wash your dishcloth daily in hot water with a few drops of Dr. Bronner liquid soap.

Cleaning Up the Stove

Stove and ovens must be washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Here are some additional cleaning solutions using Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap.

  • Wipe dirt or spills immediately to avoid damage. Hot water with a few drops of Dr. Bronner soap and cotton cloth is enough to keep the stove top clean. 
  • Wipe grease and accumulated dust from the hood with cloth and hot soapy water. Metal filter should be dismantled, scrubbed with a nylon pad, and cleaned with hot water mixed with a few drops of Dr. Bronner liquid castile soap.
  • For grease that dried up and got stuck on the stove’s surface, create a more concentrated solution of Dr. Bronner soap mixed with warm water.
  • This solution can also be used in cleaning burners, ovens, and the vent hood where grease and dirt usually accumulate.

Cleaning Up the Sink

The sink can be a dwelling place for bacteria and germs if it is not cleaned regularly. Here are some tips for cleaning the sink using Dr. Bronner’s magic soap.

  • Dilute Dr. Bronner soap in water to remove lime scale deposits from chrome but not plated kitchen taps. Let the solution stand on the surface for a few minutes before rinsing.
  • You may also try to create a homemade soft scrubber. Simply combine 1 tablespoon of Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap with one-third cup of baking soda. This should effectively clean dirty sinks where bacteria and germs thrive.

Cleaning the kitchen may require hard work and effort, but with the help of Dr. Bronner’s magic soap, cleaning is going to be a breeze!

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Posted on: January 22nd, 2014