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Glass of waterCan you imagine life without water? Diseases will wreak havoc in pandemic proportions, crops will die, and practically all living things will cease to exist. Thank goodness for water! Water is indeed indispensable to human survival. The sources of water, however, may sometimes be contaminated with impurities that may harm. Because of this, water technologies like the RadiRed Alkaline Water Machine clean and energise water, making it a reliable source of health and wellness.

Because you don’t need water just for drinking, it is also important to have clean water for many other uses like bathing, washing, and cleaning the surroundings.

RadiRed Water Technology not only ionises water so it becomes energized alkaline water, it also processes tap water to become acid-ionise and filtered, thus fit for various uses.

RadiRedWater Alkaline Water Machine – The Premiere Alkaline Water Machine

Bringing home your alkaline water machine will prove to be one of the best decisions you’d ever make – that is, if you have a RadiRedWater machine. Here are some compelling reasons this is so:

  1. RadiRedWater Alkaline Water Machine is a product of over 40 years of research and innovation. 100% made in Japan, it is the only water technology recommended by Japan’s Ministry of Health as source of healthy water even for medical purposes.

  2. RadiRedWater bears the ISO certifications 9001 and 14001. Receiving these certifications indicates that the product observes quality standards for production, has met all the rigid qualifications for consumer and stakeholder approval and that it was manufactured using processes that do not have adverse effects to the environment.

  3. RadiRedWater is your 4-in-1 alkaline water machine. Radi means fighting free radicals, Red means reducing water contaminants and energising water by adopting positive and healthy ions. Because of this, it is the best alkaline water machine for ionised alkaline drinking water, the finer, healthier water. Aside from this, the technology behind RadiRedWater allows you to also produce acid-ionised water which is perfect for external use like washing hands and bathing. Aside from this, you can also toggle your RadiRedWater alkaline water machine to produce just regular tap or filtered water. That’s 4 different kinds of water from one machine!

RadiRedWater Alkaline Water Machine Is Easy To Use And Maintain

It is 100% automatic and may last up to 10 years with very little maintenance. To use this powerful alkaline water machine, you simply need to connect it to tap water source and then to a power outlet. Switch it on and you have ionised alkaline water!

This heavy duty alkaline water machine uses quality titanium plates coated with platinum and micro carbon fibres for filtration. You can also select the speed of filtration from three speed settings.

Over half a million units of RadiRedWater alkaline water machine has been sold worldwide in over 40 years. It continues to be the leading brand that consumers trust for efficacy and reliability.

Bring home your own RadiRedWater Alkaline Water Machine and experience the wonderful goodness of alkaline water! 

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Posted on: March 12th, 2014