Blending Versus Juicing? Blendtec Blender Seals The Hot Debate

Vegetables in blenderWhich is healthier, blending or juicing? You probably have stumbled upon the question yourself, if not heard it from others. There has been an ongoing hot debate on which process gives more nutrients. And as a Blendtec Blender follower, you probably wonder: can Blendtec Blenders make juices?

We’ll keep you in suspense about the answer.

In the meantime, let’s dissect the difference between blending and juicing. Consider this a prelude to yummy recipe ideas ahead!

All About Juicing

There’s nothing like a cold glass of fresh fruit juice to quench your thirst on a hot day!

But more than just being a thirst quencher, juices give you larger quantities of nutrients that are readily available to your body than if you were to eat the fruits or vegetables whole.

The process of juicing means extracting the water and nutrient from a whole fruit or vegetable and discarding the indigestible fibre.

Because of this, juices do not need your digestive system to do its work on the food – the nutrients are instantly absorbed by the body – in fact, in your blood stream and cells!

The debate against juicing, as matter of fact, lies in its quick absorption.

Because the nutrients instantly get absorbed, it can cause spikes in blood sugar levels, or cause the blood sugar to be unstable.

Moreover, people would complain of feeling hungry one or two hours after they drank a glass of freshly juiced fruit, because of the lack of dietary fibre that should help make us feel full. What comes with hunger? Energy loss, nausea, or even mood swings!

How About Blending?

All that juice moved aside, in comes blending. Whole foods that are blended also allow for easy and faster digestion, but blended foods generally do not cause sudden spikes in blood sugar nor do they give you a rumbly in your tumbly sooner than you can say Winnie The Pooh!

The fibre in blended foods helps regulate the nutrient absorption in your body. Thus, blended fruits and vegetables serve as a filling and a healthy treat.

Blending smoothies also takes lesser the time than their juice counterparts. This makes blended foods ideal for breakfast, a time when most people rush out to work or to the school.

A lot of people report feeling more energetic drinking blended foods than juices, and this is because in blending, the essential dietary fibre from the whole foods exists.

And Now: Enter Blendtec Blender’s Whole Juice

With Blendtec Blender, all debates come to a full stop.

Blendtec Blender can make juices! In fact, it isn’t just your usual juice. Blendtec Blender does whole juice.

Traditional juicers extract the water and nutrient from a produce and set aside the fibre or the pulp.

Blendtec Blender introduces whole juicing – this means putting the whole fruit or vegetable into the blender and making a juice out of it – pulp included!

Whole Juicing Is Only Possible With Blendtec Blender’s Powerful Motor

With Blendtec Blender, you get the best-tasting consistency of a juice, while at the same time preserve essential dietary fibre from the whole fruit. The strong motor spins very fast to pulverize the whole fruit or vegetable, so you get a super smooth drink without discarding the pulp!

There you have it! Whether you are juicing carrots, celery, or apples, using the Blendtec Blender will give you whole juice – smooth in taste, and rich in nutrients!

Up next: Learn about how whole juicing using Blendtec Blenders can save you more money!

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Posted on: January 14th, 2014