Alkaline Water in Singapore: Quick Facts

WaterAlong with technological and economic progress comes growing health awareness among people in Singapore. Due to the importance accorded to health in Singapore nowadays, alkaline water’s growing popularity since its introduction to the country in 1988 is of little surprise.

Despite its popularity, the effects of drinking alkaline water remains subjected to considerable debate among consumers and health professionals alike.

Alkaline Water in Singapore: What Authorities Have to Say?

Different consumers and health care practitioners have different opinions about alkaline water, with some claiming that alkaline water helps improve overall health conditions while simultaneously alleviating certain medical conditions, and others purporting that alkaline water is actually harmful to the body.

It is worth mentioning that in a 2010 report, the Consumers Association of Singapore declared that it has not received any ionized water-related complaint in the preceding years.

Despite the lack of complaints relating to ionized water, one must remain wary of consuming alkaline water, considering recent developments in research.

What is the Rationale behind Drinking Alkaline Water?

Artificially-produced ionized water gained considerable popularity due to its alleged health benefits. As forwarded by manufacturers of alkaline water and ionizing machines, and as indeed verified by health authorities, the body’s pH balance is of great importance, necessitating the regulation of the body’s level of acidity at the cellular level.

As high acidity of body cells (note that the body cells is where metabolism primarily takes place) can cause metabolic imbalances and in worst-case scenarios can cause a multitude of diseases including cancer, ways of regulating the cellular acidity levels are constantly being sought.

Drinking alkaline water is one such way of regulating the acidity of the body at the cellular level.

Common Misconceptions Debunked

Despite the lack of complaints in Singapore pertaining to the consumption of alkaline water, recent researches reveal valuable findings. Some of the clarifications that have to be made are as follows:

  1. Ionized water cannot really replenish alkaline reserve minerals. The level of alkaline reserve minerals in the body is often genetic. At times, it can also be affected by one’s diet. Either way, it must be noted that replenishing the body’s alkaline mineral reserve is not as simple as drinking ionized water. To balance the body’s alkalinity, it is necessary to eat a lot of cooked vegetables and taking mineral supplements. The process of re-mineralizing the body must be gradual. Also, one must take note that consuming artificially produced alkaline water can trick the body into thinking that it is alkaline, prompting it to further deplete its alkaline mineral reserve.

  2. Carbon filtration does not necessarily make the water safer. For one, carbon filtration cannot completely remove contaminants like chlorine and fluorides from the water. Instead of supplying the body with alkaline minerals, ionizing machines often cause toxic materials like lead and titanium to be infused with the water.

Considering the primacy given to health in advanced countries like Singapore, it is necessary to review health products such as alkaline water with greater scrutiny.

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Posted on: October 6th, 2014