Alkaline Water in Singapore: Common Claims

water pouring into waterAlkaline water’s popularity in Singapore and elsewhere can be attributed to a number of different factors, including certain misconceptions and, at times, exaggerations.

To better understand the effects and benefits of drinking alkaline water, a crucial question must be asked: is ionized water actually better than regular drinking water?


Alkaline and Ordinary Water in Singapore: Should You Go for Alkaline?

As with other countries, there is much debate in Singapore as to the effects of drinking alkaline water on our health and overall well-being. Below are some of the most common claims made by manufacturers and sellers of ionized water, and the truth behind these assertions:

  1. Alkaline water is a miracle, cure-all drink. One selling point of alkaline water is that it improves hydration. However, this is something that must be borne in mind: water, in general, is hydrating regardless of being ionized or not. Regular filtered water, as such, can bring about most of the purported health benefits of ionized water.

  2. pH stabilization. The human body is a complex, self-regulating mechanism. This means that even without intake of any alkaline supplements, the body will attempt to regulate the levels of acidity and alkalinity of the body. In fact, drinking alkaline water excessively can upset the body’s balance and cause the body to excrete more alkaline minerals than usual.

  3. An ionizer is necessary in producing alkaline water. Quite the contrary, ionizing machines are not the only means by which the alkalinity of water can be increased. As a matter of fact, citrus fruits, which are readily available in Singapore and in other countries, have a natural alkalizing effect. Instead of investing in an ionizer, which can be expensive, it might be wiser and more practical to get a good filtration system to ensure that you are drinking sufficient amounts of clean water.

 Alkaline Water and Ailments

Ionized water is purported to remedy a wide range of ailments. Here is an enumeration of some ailments and conditions said to be remedied by alkaline water:

  1. Acne. It must be understood that while water can do wonders for the skin, there is no proof that alkaline water can actually cure acne. After all, acne, as any dermatologist will say, is caused by a number of factors—ranging from hormones to genetics and environment.

  2. Cancer. Medicine and research has rapidly evolved over the years in the quest of a safe and effective cure for cancer. The claim of advocates and manufacturers of ionized water is that alkaline water increases the alkalinity of the blood, thereby makes it harder for cancer cells to replicate in the body. However, it must be cautioned that not only is there no medical confirmation of this assertion at present, a drastic change in the body’s pH levels may be more harmful than beneficial.

Despite the fact that alkaline water has been available in Singapore and in other countries for several years already, its effects on the body and health has yet to be fully understood.

That being said, the condition of the body and the possible adverse effects must be duly considered before drinking ionized water in large amounts.

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Posted on: October 12th, 2014