3 Proofs Of Safety You Can Only Find In A Blendtec Blender

girl showing OKWhether you are a new mother making homemade baby food, or an expert chef up to your latest creation, you deserve a blender that is as safe as it is powerful. Blendtec Blender is both.

As a consumer, how can you tell which blender is safest? What proofs can you find about a brand’s safety?

When it comes to blenders, remember this general rule: the thicker the blade, the less prone to breakage. Less breakage means greater safety because when the blade breaks, it can shatter the jar or worse, set itself spinning outside the jar, therefore posing potential danger of injury both to your hands and to things or appliances near you.

Before you bring home a blender, here are recommended safety checks:

#1 Check the thickness of the blade. Read the label and do a comparison. Most blenders have varying blade thickness which prescribes the specific products they can blend. Some blenders can blend ice, others fruits, while others only softer products like eggs which can be pureed into mayonnaise, or chick peas which can be made into hummus. Delicious!

Proof #1: Blendtec Blender Can Blend Metals And Other Strong Materials

This is exactly why the Will It Blend video series was created – to demonstrate how the unbreakable blade of a Blendtec Blender can blend golf clubs, matchbox toys, the iPhone and other strong materials.  As out of this world as it may seem, the Will It Blend videos prove two things: Blendtec Blenders are not only powerful, they are also extremely safe.

#2 Check the power of the motor. In most cases, big motors are used for blenders with thicker blades. This is because a small motor can only power thinner blades, and thinner blades are more prone to breakage. At the very least, choose a blender with a 1500-watt motor.

Proof #2: The motor of a Blendtec Blender starts from 1560 watts.

Our basic blender has surpassed the recommended motor strength for what is classified as powerful blenders. This proves that Blendtec Blenders have been engineered to be extra powerful, if not the most powerful blender in the world today.

#3 Check product recall history. In 2013, there have been several incidents of product recalls from blender brands Calphalon, Vitamix, and Frigidaire in the United States because of safety issues. You can read the consumer safety review on these products here. As an enlightened consumer, it is upon you to read about the recall history and refer to the facts surrounding it before making a decision on which brand to purchase.

Proof #3: Blendtec Blenders have never been recalled—ever.

Blendtec Blender Offers Both Power And Safety

In conclusion, do remember that when purchasing a blender or any home appliance, safety must be your paramount concern. 

There is no excuse for compromising on safety in exchange for power. After all, it isn’t just about what your appliance can do, but how it does things ultimately matters.

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Posted on: January 11th, 2014