3 Nature’s Glory Health Supplements Your Kids Will Love!

4 happy children lying on the fieldHow much do you love your kids? If you say “to the max!” then giving them the gift of health and nutrition should be your top priority. Here are three Nature’s Glory health supplements to help your kids gain maximum health advantage. What’s more, they will love the taste of it like it’s their favourite snack! 

The Super Food: Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella Growth Factor Health Supplement

Your child may not tolerate the sight of algae on their plate, but they will surely love Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) Extract. From the Yaeyama islands of Japan, Nature’s Glory Yaeyama CGF is a health supplement in Singapore made from the highest chlorophyll-containing algae in the world.Chlorophyll helps plants make food. For humans, the super nutritious CGF is the source of almost a full range of vitamins except Vitamin D, which is sourced directly from the sun. CGF is also loaded with minerals, 19 amino acids, and up to 60% vegetable protein. This highly nutritious health supplement gives your child’s health a boost so he develops stronger immunity against common diseases.

Nature’s Glory Yaeyama CGF is also very versatile. It comes in powder, tablet, and liquid form. You can offer it to your child as it is or mix the powder or liquid into juices, soups, sauces, snacks or pasta dishes that your kids love without affecting the taste!

Hungry For A Snack? Grab A Summer Berry Whole Food Antioxidant Matrix Health Supplement

If you are looking for healthy treats to offer your school-going kids, Nature’s Glory is also the source of health supplement in Singapore that taste so good you’d want to snack on them. Take for instance the Fruits of Life – Summer Berry Whole Food Antioxidant Matrix Bar. Loaded with nuts, fruits, and sprouted grains which are all organic and sweetened with real honey, this is one bar you would love to eat every time. Made from the US, this health supplement in Singapore contains raw vegetables. Your kid will never get enough of it!

Give more thought to what you pack in your kids’ lunch box. Nature’s Glory has a variety of health supplement products to choose from that are certified organic and they’re as close to nature you can get!

For Your Weight-Conscious Teens, There’s fucoProtein Chocolate With Macadamia Nuts Health Supplement

Ah, teens and their ravenous appetites! Your teens are in a very interesting growth period and they need extra help from health supplements even if they can wolf down platefuls at your dinner table!

During teen years, your kid becomes more conscious about how he or she looks. Foods that will not add inches around the waistline for the girls or those that will help the boys bulk up are catching their attention.

You’ll be the coolest mum or dad if you give them fucoProtein Chocolate with Macadamia nuts. This highly nutritious bar burns fat fast and helps your teens watch their weight. You won’t feel guilty offering them this healthy treat because they can eat one bar after another and get pure health-giving goodness, no weighty side-effects!

Start Them Young: Give Your Kids The Health Supplements Trusted By Authorities

Help your child achieve their fullest potential by giving them the gift of good health today.

Get to know more about why Nature’s Glory is an excellent source of health supplement in Singapore. You can read up on News and Articles via http://www.natures-glory.com/news_general.asp  and compare with independent research bodies to know for yourself.

Because health is wealth, start your kids on the right path towards success and happiness later in life. Give them Nature’s Glory health supplements!

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Posted on: March 19th, 2014