3 Good Reasons Alkaline Water Is For You

Radired Alkaline Water SystemGulp, gulp, gulp. Ahhh…. There’s nothing like a refreshing drink of cold water to quench your thirst especially on a hot day! More than just quenching your thirst, water does a lot of great things to your body! In fact, before food was ever invented, man lived on water alone! Unfortunately, water sources are not as clean in the present days as they have been in days gone-by. Don’t despair, there’s alkaline water for you.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Think about this: Water makes up a significant fraction of your body both in terms of volume and weight. Water is contained within your tissue, blood, bones, and cells. 

Now it’s easy to understand that nothing can better nourish your body than water! The human body essentially needs clean and healthy water to make it function optimally. That said, many people are thinking before they drink, and their choice: alkaline water.

Alkaline water is a result of a process called ionization. Through a two-step process consisting of microfiltration and electrolysis, regular tap water is transformed into finer, healthier, alkaline water.

Let’s go over the two-step ionisation process:

Step 1: Microfiltration. Regular tap water is filtered and cleaned of free radicals. Free radicals are damaged cells in water which attack and damage healthy cells.

Step 2: Electrolysis. After filtering water of free radicals, it is then charged with direct current to release hydrogen ions to make the water more alkaline instead of acidic.

Acidity increases with your body’s oxidation. Oxidation is a natural process that happens to every damaged cell in your body. Imagine when you cut an apple and it changes colour. Or when you leave fish outside the freezer and it becomes rancid. Oxidation in the cellular level happens naturally every day, and with it, the body’s acidity increases. In solutions, alkaline is the opposite of acidic. Thus drinking alkaline water counters acidity and makes you healthier at the cellular level.

The result of this process is ionised alkaline water which is not only cleaner but also more life-sustaining.

Why You Should Claim The Goodness Of Alkaline Water

Drinking alkaline water in large quantities every day aids in absorbing essential vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin C, which helps boost the body’s immunity against a host of diseases.

Alkaline water mixed in everyday cooking helps release the natural and better-tasting flavours of vegetables and meats, thus doing away with sodium-based spices and artificial flavours.

Alkaline water also helps keep skin younger looking. Skin is largely alkaline than acidic. This is why smokers and liquor drinkers look older than people of the same age who do not smoke or drink. Cigarettes and alcoholic beverage are acidic and take away so much of the skin’s alkalinity, affecting skin health and over-all radiance.

Warning: Not All Alkaline Water Are Made Equal

Nature’s Glory RadiRed Alkaline Antioxidant Energised Water System gives you true alkaline water. Invented and researched by Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka of Japan, RadiRed Energised Water System is the only water technology that has received the Japan Medical Equipment Approval, making it the only water technology in the world officially recognised by a government authority.

RadiRedWater is a premium Alkaline Antioxidant Energized Water System being certified ISO 9001 and 14001, and more than 500,00 units sold worldwide in over 40 years.

So just before you drink up – know your water. Are you getting the best alkaline water?

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Posted on: March 4th, 2014